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Sweet Charlene's Bakery provides homemade treats from cookies, pies to cakes and so much more. We are located in the greatest city in the world, Houston, and in the most awesome state in the union, Texas! We provide options for catering, delivery and pickups from our bakery location.

Also, we were recently named one of HOUSTONS BEST CAKE DELIVERIES!

note: we will not be providing fondant or chocolate molded products, at this time but will focus more on baked goods.

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About Tomeka

My name is Tomeka and I love baking! A nurse of almost 17 years, I happily traded my stethoscope for oven mitts and started Sweet Charlene's Bakery! Baking has always been a hobby of mine, and now with the support of my husband, I am able to turn my favorite hobby and amazing past time into a career, which is a dream come true.
I named my bakery after my grandma, Charlene. She was a self taught cook and baker with many, many secret recipes that she graciously passed down to me. These same recipes are meticulously replicated and provided to you as delicious desserts, for your enjoyment.
Sweet Charlene's Bakery not only supports military veterans, but we are a veteran owned company, as well.

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